The services we can provide are tailored to the individual needs of each Airfield, with the local geography and problem species all taken into account. Species may be migratory or present all year round, with a good example being Rooks which are quite sedentary.
Migratory species like Gull and Lapwing populations fluctuate with the seasons and in many cases are determined by local weather conditions and availability of food.

We can supply coverage from day rates to long term contract work in any geographical location. Included in all work are trained staff (ie. Trained in runway /radio procedure/flightline training) all equipment and falcons etc. A Consultancy service is available which analyses the Airfield and its problems, and concludes with an appraisal that enables us to develop the most effective Bird Control Programme.

We have previously run the Bid Control Services at:

  • RAF Mildenhall
  • RAF Lakenheath
  • Training Packages, specialist equipment and falcons can be supplied.
  • Probably the most significant point about airfield Bird Control in the next two years is that a set standard will need to be applied to all airfields.